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“Expect to have EVERYTHING that you thought was correct, true, holy, biblical, righteous, etc, about spiritual matters overturned, examined and then discarded.

Expect to feel as if the rug was pulled out from your feet and the crutches removed.

Expect to learn truth and be freed as a result of absorbing it.

Expect to be taught how to use your will, set boundaries, be assertive and leave passivity behind.

Expect torment to stop or lessen because demons will leave after you acknowledge and accept the truth.

Expect to learn about yourself and all your weaknesses.

Expect the type of unconditional love that only true born again can show.

Above all expect that Pastor Pam will do the work that God has called her to do without fear or judgement of you or your sordid, deceived, messed up past. Proclaim that you are here for a reason, not by chance. To be undeceived is a glorious thing, so very liberating!

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