Are Each of Us Married to Jesus? Hell NO!!!!!

This is a very perverse, sick teaching.  I am usually quite opened-minded when people seek my services for spiritual coaching and or deliverance counseling.Since 2002,  I have heard just about everything, including  people having sex with animals and demons.  Demons have also used the mouths of their captives to cuss  and scream all manner of evil against the Lord and against me personally.  Such outbursts are a part of the job and I don’t take it “personal.”

    Yet just last week, a woman was insisting in a phone inquiry session that Jesus is HER husband.  When she stated “well you know, Jesus has needs and I fulfill them, I had heard enough.  Just “too through,” for the first time in 40 years, I could hear “no more!”  So I hung up the phone in HER ear primarily because she could not be persuaded otherwise so I just left her to her own devices.

The Bridal Paradigm teaching began with the IHOP, the International House of Prayer” in Kansas City.  It has spread pervasively throughout the church.  it is based on scriptures, particularly the Songs of Solomon.  Its premise is not that the entire church as a whole or a Body of believers is the bride of Christ, it implies that each individual Christian including men are married to Him, the Lord’s individual lovers.

I know from first hand experience in deliverance counseling that people who have “romanced Jesus” in ways suggestive by the bridal paradigm teaching and practices have opened themselves to a flood of demon spirits.  Most of them have also experienced spirit rape.  It is actually the hidden demonic motive of this practice to bring worship to Jesus Sananda Immanuel, the so-called ascended master who has been imitating the true Lord in the churches for centuries. To know more about him, you need “the Fake Jesus: Fallen Angels Among Us.”

Also, I highly recommend that you take the course called “Spirit Sex.”  You won’t be sorry.

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